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Hire Avalon Airport Transport and Travel with Chauffeurs

Avalon Airport got the status of the international airport located in the Victoria state of Australia. Being part of the City of Greater Geelong, the airport has a growing number of air travellers despite it being outside of Melbourne’s metropolitan region. Avalon airport is included in the top four airports that have reduced the congestion at Brisbane airport. The airport is located north of the city of Geelong by 15 km distance and south of Melbourne CBD by 50 kilometres. The Avalon Airport Transport options include hiring a private car, a taxi or travel by public transport.

The chauffeur you hire will greet you at the airport’s exit gate, holding a card with your name on it. If your flight time is modified after you reserve your transportation, you will not need to notify us again. We will screen your flight and pick you up at the updated time from the airport. Our first concern is customer happiness. We never place our clients in an uncomfortable situation.

Why should you prefer hiring a Chauffeur rather than travelling by own car?

Finding a parking space is really a hassle, especially at Australian airports, and you have to pay a humongous price for that. It is more convenient for people to hire a private car instead of driving your own vehicle as it will also give you peace of mind and relaxation and you can spend your transfer time in more productive ways, or you can spend time with your loved ones.

Getting there for a while and back, parking, and traffic, as at all of the world’s big airports, are onerous challenges for travellers to contend with.

Some individuals don’t even bother to drive themselves to the airport, instead opting for cabs. Many individuals, however, still prefer to drive in their own automobiles and locate secure parking for them while they are gone.Avalon Airport chauffeurs

The airports in Australia have the lowest parking satisfaction rating, and you have to pay hefty charges as well. The statistics revealed that airports earn around one-fifth of their annual earnings by selling parking slots. The short-term parking at the airport is famously expensive, and the traffic is awful.

The solution to expensive parking charges is hiring Avalon Airport Chauffeurs for your trip to surrounding areas from the airport and vice versa. Further, you would love to travel in luxury cars driven by trained and licensed drivers who are always ready to offer assistance to any request.

You may pick from a variety of vehicles, such as Town Cars, Business Cars, and First Class Cars, while SUVs provide additional legroom, large interiors, and luxury. Except for SUVs, which can store four bags with the same passenger capacity, each automobile has a seating capacity of four and space for two bags.

The Australian Chauffeurs Group offers minivans and big buses to suit groups of individuals who enjoy travelling together.

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